Monday, September 10, 2012

Today on DefendersLIVE: Freedom For Birth

The Interview

Freedom for Birth is a documentary about the arrest and trial of a Hungarian midwife that serves as an introduction to the world of midwifery and women's reproductive rights to give birth as they see fit. 
Jessica Jordan (nurse midwife of the Complete Care Birthing Center) and Abby Dini (Program Manager for Complete Care Center for Women) discuss the film in the contexts of the full range of women's rights, especially the right to determine when and how to give birth,  the factors that affect these decisions, and how the medical mainstream has developed a treatment culture - health decision-making culture based on fear rather than the empowerment that it should offer.

Watch a Trailer

One World Birth


Thursday September 20 at VCU Commons Theatre (sponosred by Birth Matters Virginia)
Saturday September 22 at Chippenham Hospital (sponsored by Complete Care Birthing Center)

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