Saturday, November 17, 2012

November on DefendersLIVE

TODAY, Nov. 19
Interview (pre-recorded) with Cuban Filmmaker Gloria Rolando and Cuban National Archivist Dr. Tomas Fernandez Robaina to discuss Monday night Virginia premier screening of 1912 - Breaking the Silence, Chapters 1 & 2 about the Cuban government's massacre, also known as Guerrita de Races (the Little Race War), of 6,000 AfroCubans and members of the Independent Party of Color. Presented by Lee C. Robinson (African Awareness Association) and Roberto Zurbano is the editor/publisher of "Casa de las Americas," a Havana-based cultural institution that publishes the works of writers, artists, musicians, and playwrights as well as scholars of literature, the arts, and social sciences in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Historic Note: This program will also welcome Special Guest Speaker: Patricia L. Pego Guerra, First Secretary, Cuban Interests Section to Washington, DC - permitted for the first time to travel out of the DC area.
Film and Discussion Program TONIGHT, 11/19: at William Byrd Community House 7-9pm. Tickets $10 at Eventbrite or at the door.

2nd Program on Tuesday night, 11/20: at Elegba Folklore Society, 6-9pm. Tickets $10 at Eventbrite or at the door.

Much more information about this story, the film, and the US tour of this delegation is available at

Nov. 26: Family and Activists in Defense of Ashley Williams
White and Black Women are coming together to demonstrate solidarity and support for a young African American mother being driven into prison by a system more interested in scapegoating than in knowing the truth being sought in the death of her youngest child. Trial date: Nov. 

Dec. 3: Afro-Columbian Human Rights Campaign (ACHRC)
Pre-recorded interview with Charo Minas-Rojas, U.S. host of Francia Marques, an Afro-Colombian community leader from La Toma, a community of artisanal miners settled in 1636 by Africans, who spoke at the School of the America’s annual vigil at Fort Benning, Georgia, during the weekend of Nov. 16-18.
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