Monday, March 4, 2013

Today: Asbhy Anderson, Muse Creative Workspace

A conversation with one of Richmond's understated powers of creative sonic place-making, Ashby Anderson and the Muse Creative Workspace. In 2006 Anderson published the Historic Richmond Jazz Suite, consisting of tunes that call out and evoke the history of this place with, to sample just a few of the titles, "Devil's Half Acre", "Son of 2nd St." and "Locomotive 231". Anderson is currently working on a new suite with the working title "The Reclamation Project", an extension of the community struggle to reclaim Richmond's African Burial Ground, inspired by the work, but also by the visit he and his wife/business partner Terri paid to the site.

Live @ the Warehouse takes place on 3rd Thursdays. Tickets are $20, wine and cheese included, too.

Tune in tomorrow for the rebroadcast ONLINE only at 11 am:
Archived here under LISTEN in about a week.

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